Heat Packs

Our reusable heat packs are made from high quality medical grade vinyl and food grade sodium acetate, making them safe for people and pets alike.  The heat packs will consistently heat to a temperature of 130 degrees farenheit, so you can place them directly against the skin or insulate them with a wrap or towel for prolonged relief.  

Our heat packs are ideal when you need heat on the go.  Popular uses include movie theaters, in the car, camping, at outdoor events, for massage and spa therapy, pain relief, stiffness and joint treatment, hand warmers, and more.  

To activate the heating pack, simply click on the metal disc until crystals form.  Massage the pack to desired softness and enjoy the 130 degrees of heat.  When the heat dissipates, the pack will harden.  To reactivate, place in boiling water until the crystals completely dissolve.  Let cool to room temperature before reusing.  

We manufacture all of our products in the USA.  

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12 x 20 - Complete Back Relief
Measuring 12 x 20", our largest heating pad is a favorite for chiropractors and physical therapis..
Ex Tax: $60.00
3 x 5 - Hand Warmer
The reusable hand warmers measure 3" x 5" making them the perfect size for your pocket, mitten, o..
Ex Tax: $10.00
4 x 10 - Wrist and Ankle
The 4" x 10" heating pad is ideal for applying heat directly to the wrist, ankle, or spot treatme..
Ex Tax: $20.00
5 x 9 - Portable Relief
The 5x9" heating pad is ideal for spot relief of problem areas when on the go.  Keep this sm..
Ex Tax: $20.00
6 x 18 - Neck, Back, Shoulder (small)
The 6 x 18" heating pad is designed with flexibility in mind for use on the neck, back, shoulder,..
Ex Tax: $35.00
8 x 12 - Universal (large)
The 8 x 12" heating pad serves a variety of uses and is perfect for applying heat when on the go...
Ex Tax: $30.00
8 x18 - Neck, Back, Shoulder (large)
Our most popular full size heating pad is designed to provide direct relief to neck, back, should..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Face Mask
The face mask heats to 130 degrees providing the right amount of heat for spa applications and si..
Ex Tax: $35.00
Stadium Seat
The stadium seat retains heat longer than any other product, making it the ideal choice for keepi..
Ex Tax: $35.00
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